Introductions Are In Order

As if I didn’t have enough going on, I’ve decided to start a second blog. Unlike my other blog, From Out of Left Field, which is about a variety of subjects, I hope to narrow the focus a bit here.

Specifically, I plan to write about things related to RVs, RVing, camping,  some of the places my journeys take me, and hopefully about adventures I experience. I may also do a bit of verbal dreaming here, but always with the overall general focus in mind.

Let’s start with the basics – of our rig, that is. We have a 2006 F-350 Crew Cab DRW (dual rear wheel for those not in the know). Besides being my daily transportation to work, we use “The Beast” (as my son dubbed it when we bought it) to pull a 33-foot, 1995 Kit Cordova fifth-wheel trailer. It has two slideouts, a rear kitchen, and one well-worn recliner my wife and I often fight over. (Well, not really. Just wanted to liven things up a bit.)

Because our son is still in school, we have not yet been able to travel far and wide, but we have taken the trailer to numerous locations in Idaho and Oregon in the 14-months we have owned it. We hope to take it many more places before it comes time to move to the next rig.

The Kit was, for us, a step up from our previous rig, a 2007 Jayco 1007 tent trailer. We used that 10-foot trailer plenty in the four years we owned it, but when we added a dog to the family, it was no longer big enough. Not to mention that soft walls are not conducive to the kind of year-round RVing we aspire to do.

Before that, wetent camped for a couple of years after being reintroduced to camping by a couple of friends after we moved to Idaho in 2003. Despite the fact, that we pretty much hated tent camping, we realized that we enjoyed seeing new places and being out in nature. After these same friends told us about meeting people in Yellowstone National Park who lived in their RV full-time, the seed was planted. Once we moved from the tent to the tent trailer, the idea of RVing had taken root. I hope to put some of the blooms on display in future posts.

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