Road Trip

No, we aren’t getting the trailer out just yet. The weather still isn’t quite good enough, and work keeps getting in the way. However, we are hitting the road tomorrow, a little day trip to scout out possible camping locations for a future camp-out we’re helping to organize.

We’re headed to the Crouch-Garden Valley area, a little valley nestled in amongst the mountains about an hour or so north of Boise. We’ve done a little camping on our own in that area, but this is different as we have to find a spot suitable for ten to 15 rigs and close to activities or sites others might be interested in. A challenge, especially when we can’t always decide on what we like.

However, I’m looking forward to getting out of town, even if it’s only for the day. We’ll be going with another couple from the camping group we belong to, and it will be nice to seriously think about camping, even if we can’t yet do so.

It has been more than five months since we’ve taken the trailer out, and that’s much too long in my book. Although we won’t be taking it tomorrow, this road trip is just what the doctor ordered. It will reinforce the fact that spring and warmer weather are coming, and it will reassure me that we will once more get to enjoy our trailer and spend some time in the beauty of God’s creation.

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