Cabin Fever

I sit here, looking out the window of our family room, as Sunday afternoon, and with it the weekend, winds down. This weekend has been one of the sunniest in recent weeks, albeit a little chilly as winter works to maintain its hold.

Because the afternoon was such a nice one, we decided to get in the car with the dog and go for a drive into the foothills overlooking Boise just to get out of the house for a little while. The car ride and the sunshine served to whet my appetite for the months ahead and the outings hopefully to come.

For now, though, our fifth-wheel sits, unused, in its storage space, neglected and unvisited – aside from an appointment for some maintenance – as it has since early October. We’ve talked several times about going somewhere, but the weather has been decidedly uncooperative. As a result, the trailer sits, and we have started to develop a serious case of cabin fever.

The equivalent for full-time RVers is something known as “hitch itch,” which occurs when a person has been parked in a particular spot for sometime, usually a couple of months or more. The “itch” gets so bad until finally one can no longer resist the urge to hitch up and go. That’s where I am now.

The days are getting longer, and soon temperatures will begin to get warmer. The spirit of wanderlust is beginning to take hold again, and the urge to get the trailer out on the road again is strong. At this point, the destination could almost be a city RV park.

I don’t know whether this year will bring visits to new places, returns to places that are almost like old friends, or something in between. I also don’t know what fuel prices will do. However, I do know the feeling I get when we’ve set up camp somewhere surrounded by trees and open skies, and I cannot put a price on that.